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Anuschka means "like no other" and this can really be said of these unique hand painted handbags. Each is a unique painting in itself and made of soft leather. They're made with bold designs and you really get an African feel of the paintings on these bags. They make a striking look that will draw admiring attention from others.

Most popular

Anuschka Handbags 409
Anuschka Handbags

This is a beautiful cross body handbag from Anuschka Handbags. It has a single long strap and measures 9" by 9". The front pocket is a zip closure and the top is also a zipped.
Anuschka Handbags 412
Anuschka Handbags

This fetching organizer is made of painted grained leather. It also has a cross body strap. It's great for keys, wallets, sunglasses, cell phones and more. It's 7" high by 4 3/4" wide.
Anuschka Handbags 435
Anuschka Handbags

This handbag is made of textured leather with the unique Anuschka handbag design.It has dual shoulder straps and is 13" wide and 7" high. It has all the room you need for your lifestyle items.

Anuschka Handbags - the brand

Anuschka Handbags logo

The Anuschka Handbags brands was founded by a man called Swapan Basu who used to make accessories that were painted using the styles you see today. It was his wife who inspired them to make handbags painted in these designs. Over the years the method of painting and getting the effect you see today has been a closely guarded family secret and one that has seen the bags sell worldwide to very selective buyers.

It was a few years ago that they needed more painters to keep up with the demand that their designs had created. They wanted to find workers they could train from a young age who had nothing to look for in life. They were unemployed youths or others that were disadvantaged in some way. The business trained these eager people and today they paint the handbags and this has given them and their families a wage and a reason to live and strive for.

The style really is very unique, you will not see painted bags like these on quality leather anywhere else. The handbags are a blend of function and art like real pieces and there for you to use within your lifestyle. They are a real talking issue and will generate compliments where ever they're seen. There is a team of 40 artists creating the wonderful pieces you see here and more are available in a range of colors and designs.

For more information about Anuschka Handbags the brand go to www.anuschkaleather.com.

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