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Botkier handbags are luxurious handbags designed by a native New Yorker. They are classically designed functional bags and the tell tale sign you've got a Botkier is there are nearly always tassels or fringe accents. They've become increasingly popular and sought after handbags that are made to last. With a Botkier handbag you get a quality bag in an intricate and sophisticated design.

Most popular

Botkier Jetson Clutch Handbag
Jetson Clutch
This chic Jetson Clutch is made of natural grain leather and is the perfect place for all your lifestyle essentials. The measurements are 14" wide by 7" high and 2" deep. It's a cute bag.
Botkier Taylor Satchel Handbag
Taylor Satchel
This is a classic satchel from Botkier with the braided accents and fringe detail. It's made of polished textured leather and measures 17" wide by 13 1/2" high and 4" deep so it's a big bag.
Botkier Tao Shoulder Handbag
Tao Shoulder
This elegant shoulder bag is available in 3 different colors: black, lilac and brushed silver. As it's a Botkier it has the fringe accents and measures 12" wide by 9" high and 4" deep.

Botkier - the brand

Botkier logo

Monica Botkier is the native New Yorker behind the Botkier handbags. She used to be a fashion photographer with a keen eye for detail. She could see she had a flair for design that would soon represent itself on the fashion scene with the most exquisitely designed handbags. She quickly developed cult status for her designs and vision which goes into every Botkier creation.

Over the years the Botkier design and name has signified a step forward in fashion and thinking and this has led to her opening her first store in January 2010. This is in the ever so chic New York NoLIta district and the space has been designed for it's purpose by Monica Botkier herself and interior designer Valerie Pasquiou. Together they've created the ultimate space to showcase the Botkier name and advance the brand and business itself to new levels.

The Botkier style is functional yet very sophisticated. These are bags that you will use and they look good, they're designed with care and attention to detail. We like how the style is quite recognizable yet every bag has an individual quality. The fringe accents or tassels definitely give the Botkier game away yet unique details on every bag is there. The Botkier name is definitely one to look out for where handbag brands are concerned.

For more information about Botkier handbags the brand go to www.botkier.com.

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