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Brighton handbags are labor's of love for their designers who follow each piece from design to creation. Brighton are world famous for their accessories of which handbags are a big part. Their designs are contemporary and functional. With a Brighton handbag you've got something that has gone through a detailed and intricate manufacturing process to the creation of each piece you see before you.

Most popular

Brighton Valencia Soft Tote Handbag
Valencia Soft Tote
This lovely soft tote is available in 4 colors and is made if stylish polished leather. It has dual shoulder straps with the shoulder drop at 10 1/2". It measures 14" wide by 9 3/4" high.
Brighton Treasure Small Shoulder Bag Handbag
Treasure Small Shoulder Bag
This beautiful shoulder bag is made of python embossed leather. The hardware is gorgeously detailed. It measures 9 1/2" wide by 6 1/2" high. It's perfect for you lifestyle items.
Brighton Lilliana Small Tote Handbag
Lilliana Small Tote
This is a chic rose themed patterned handbag. It has the typical Brighton heart detailing in the hardware. It measure 11" wide by 8" high and 4" deep. It has a hidden magnetic closure.

Brighton - the brand

Brighton logo

Brighton was launched in 1991 with a single collection of belts. Handbags was added in 1993 and they have a style and detail that is unmistakably Brighton. Brighton is still ran by a high school sweetheart couple who have a team of designers creating their pieces to the unique style of Brighton. The detailing often has hearts in them to signify the love and care that's taken throughout the making and design processes.

Brighton has grown in popularity over the years and their creations can be found in over 6,000 largely family owned stores across the world. This is as well as Brighton collectable stores available from cost to coast. The owners prefer to be in specialty stores that know the Brighton range and can explain the care and attention to detail to customers. Brighton products are hand assembled with sometimes over 140 manufacturing processes on some intricate items involving sometimes 40 different parts in one creation.

The Brighton style is in great demand and well known among those who go for fashionable pieces. Unless you go for exquisite handbags you may not know about Brighton. Brighton do keep it this way by staying in smaller family owned shops who can be faithful and reflect the exclusivity of the brand. Brighton are passionate about their products and they like this to be reflected from design to manufacture and sale and it shows. A Brighton purchase is something you'll look at often, you'll remember and you'll enjoy using.

For more information about Brighton handbags the brand go to www.brighton.com.

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