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CC Skye is the ultimate "IT" girl designer, she always produces the accessories for the must haves of the coming season. She's been nominated for best new accessory designer and when you see her pieces you can see why. She's confident in her jewelry creations as well as her handbags and you get the tell tale signs that you've got a well designed piece under your arm. You've got that edgy piece that oozes style and a downtown chic that is a CC Skye handbag.

Most popular

CC Skye Bridgette Handbag
The Bridgette is an incredibly stylish bag with the chain fringe accents on the shoulder strap. The bag itself is made of snake leather and measures 11" wide by 6" high and 3" deep.
CC Skye CC Bag Handbag
CC Bag
This is a stunning shoulder bag designed and made by CC Skye. It has gold hardware and interior lining. It measures 11" wide by 6" high and 3" deep. Same as the Bridgette to the left.
CC Skye Blake Handbag
This stunning and very functional black tote also has gold hardware and is made of python embossed leather. It's big enough to carry all your essentials at 18" wide by 15" high and 7 1/2" deep.

CC Skye - the brand

CC Skye logo

CC Skye is a remarkable story for the fashion designer whose jewelry and handbags are now sole around the world. The designer who is "consistently ahead of the trends" as said by a leading fashion magazine. Looking at her handbags you can certainly see a flair for design that you don't see elsewhere. You see a designer who's willing to try new things with her creations which is probably how she's earned so many plaudits. Her beginnings though are quite humble but always with a keen eye for design and flair.

CC Skye began designing while on a 6 month study abroad in Nepal, here she was without her L.A. comforts and designs she enjoyed seeing so she had to improvise. She started making dresses with the local seamstresses. She also started making simple jewelry and this instantly gave her the feelings of back home in L.A. Her creativity went into over drive and she attributes to getting away from a consumerist West as helping her achieve a certain style. This was the first time she had used her hands for anything.

Back in L.A. she continued her normal work while constantly identifying upcoming trends. It was while working as an associate producer for MTV style networks doing a documentary about fashion designers she thought of what she could do. It was in an hiatus of this that she teamed up with a local craftsman in a jewelry district that she learned the trade. Soon after the CC Skye brand was born. She introduced handbags in 2006 to rave reviews and she keeps evolving style and fashion today. Now she's already been nominated for awards in the industry.

The style of CC Skye handbags can be seen in the intricate designs. She's always very keen on the gold hardware and this is probably her jewelry background coming through. In fact the hardware is always well designed and makes a beautiful piece striking in it's own way. This is especially so with the fringe accents ion the Bridgette above. With a CC Skye handbag you've got an exceptional piece that is very functional but will draw admiring looks the most, it's something to enjoy and appreciate.

For more information about CC Skye handbags the brand go to www.ccskye.com.

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