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Costume National are a luxury brand that makes all kinds of accessories and luxury goods. They are a couture brand that epitomizes the sexiness and unique qualities we all hold true to ourselves. A Costume National handbag is an exclusive accessory that has the very best design and manufacturer and is sure to draw many compliments from admirers and those around you.

Most popular

Costume National Handbag 22ZB694 07593
Costume National Handbag
This is a beautiful hobo style shoulder bag from Costume National. It matches convenience and style perfectly with signature hardware. It measures 17" wide by 18" high and 5" deep.
Costume National Handbag 22ZB692 07595
Costume National Handbag
This is another beautiful hobo style shoulder bag made of suede. It's the perfect size to carry all your lifestyle essentials and measures 14" wide by 12" high and 2" deep.
Costume National Handbag 22ZB689 07531
Costume National Handbag
This is a white leather handbag with the Costume National signature hardware on the side. It has a platform bottom and a fold down magnetic closure. It measures 15" wide by 16" high.

Costume National - the brand

Costume National logo

The Costume National design and flair is thanks to it's chief and main designer Ennio Capasa who founded the company in 1986 with his brother Carlo. Over the years they've perfected their craft and make a variety of luxury branded clothing and accessories that are features in the best shops and stores around the world. Costume National lines including handbags can be find in the chic stores of Milan, Rome, Paris, New York, Los Angeles, Tokyo and more.

Costume National handbags can be recognized from afar, they have the certain design and flair and the subtle Costume National hardware detailing. They're laced with fringe accents and are made using the best leathers and skins. They go through a rigorous manufacturing process to ensure they are the best in every detail every time. The designers at Costume National set the trends for handbags and accessories. No 2 pieces are a like and you'll appreciate the effort and intricate detail that goes into every one.

Costume National stores are designed by Ennio Capasa the leading designer with professional boutique designers so you get a real flavor of the edgy and chic design from the moment you enter. Costume National handbags take pride of place within these stores as do a lot of the accessories they make. They even have many scents you can buy with the most exquisite flavors. So that's what you get with a Costume National handbag, you're getting part of a very unique, luxury and couture brand that's sought after around the world.

For more information about Costume National handbags the brand go to www.costumenational.com.

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