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Elie Tahari Handbags

Elie Tahari is a luxury brand who specialize in women's and men's exclusive clothing and accessories. They are present in over 40 countries around the world only in the most chic boutiques and stores where their luxurious creations are called for. Elie Tahari handbags are included in this chic style and luxury and can only be found on the shoulders of the most stylish people.

Most popular

Elie Tahari Kimberly Clutch Handbag
Kimberly Clutch
This eclectic clutch is clearly adorned with luscious stone embellishments and makes a real statement. It's a lavish and stylish piece and measures 8" wide by 3 1/2" high and 3/4" deep.
Elie Tahari Naomi Satchel Handbag
Naomi Satchel
This Naomi is an elegant satchel that's made of soft leather and is perfect for carrying all your essential lifestyle items. It's a classic look and measures 17.5" wide by 13" high and 8" deep.
Elie Tahari Roxanne Drawstring Handbag
Roxanne Drawstring
This is a dazzling and stylish drawstring shoulder bag from Elie Tahari. It's in an olive color and made of metallic snake embossed leather. It measures 12" wide by 10.5" high and 3" deep.

Elie Tahari - the brand

Elie Tahari logo

Elie Tahari the brand was formed in 1973 and has grown to become a half billion dollar enterprise with a presence in over 600 stores and 15 stand alone boutiques that specialize in everything Elie Tahari has to offer including handbags and accessories. The story of Elie Tahari himself is a rags to riches story having moved to New York early in his life with nothing to his name. It's only through determination an hard work that the brand has become what it is today plus maybe his unnerving attention to detail and an eye for style and the latest looks.

Elie Tahari are a couture brand which means they have the highest standards of dressmaking and accessories like handbags and be registered with the Chamber of Commerce in Paris. There are only a select group of designers allowed in this "club" every year. Elie Tahari handbags have achieved the status and this is what makes them so sought after. It also means you're getting the most upfront designs and trends and something that's been made to the highest standards and is an incredibly appealing item to have.

Elie Tahari make handbags of very different designs. You can see from this page you've got a dazzling clutch and a traditional satchel to another bright shoulder bag. This is the beauty of Elie Tahari which is the intricate design and the versatility and the attention to detail of each bag. You have a handbag for every aspect of the day and in any situation. Use the clutch for evening wear and the shoulder bag for more daytime pursuits. With an Elie Tahari handbag you know you're getting one the leading fashion designs of today on your shoulder.

For more information about Elie Tahari handbags the brand go to www.elietahari.com.

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