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Elliott Lucca are a handbag designer and that's all they do, they don't make clothing or any other accessories they specialize only in handbags. They've made their name designing handbags. Their handbags are exclusive and very intricate and detailed in design and manufacture. Elliott Lucca have been in business a few years now and every season they release upfront trend setting designs of handbags.

Most popular

Elliott Lucca Maxfield Demi Handbag
Maxfield Demi
This pretty shoulder bag is made of leather and has a 9" shoulder drop from the shoulder strap. It's big enough for all your essential lifestyle items. It measures 11.5" wide by 9" high and 5" deep.
Elliott Lucca Oden Drawstring Tote Handbag
Oden Drawstring Tote
This beautiful drawstring tote is made of glazed leather with pleated detailing. The shoulder straps are both leather and chain. It measures 19 1/2" wide by 12" high and 5" deep.
Elliott Lucca Iona Bucket Handbag
Iona Bucket
This Iona Bucket handbag really captures the essence of an evening out with it's striking design. It's made of woven patent leather and measures 18" wide by 14 3/4" high and 5" deep.

Elliott Lucca - the brand

Elliott Lucca logo

Elliot Lucca handbags are the synthesis between two friends Mark Talucci and Todd Elliott. These two grew up overseas and have a passion for textiles and design where ever they went. They used to love hippie fairs and finding unique textiles and importing them from places like Brazil and Mexico. After college these two friends found themselves what they considered boring corporate jobs and found inspiration on a trip to Bali in Asia where they discovered further unique fabrics they could use in their designs at home.

The starters of Elliott Lucca handbags decided to start a business importing the amazing fabrics and textiles they discovered on their travels overseas. The idea for handbags came in 1989 and was pure luck. A handbag was made using one of these special fabrics from Indonesia and this got so much attention when carried by one of the founders sisters that they decided to make handbags with all these fabrics. Twenty years later the idea is still going strong and Elliott Lucca handbags are in popular demand today.

Elliott Lucca handbags are finely made pieces that will exude looks and admiring glances from everyone around you. They're subtle and well made that make the perfect accessory to any outfit. Being that Elliott Lucca only make handbags you can be sure that every effort is made in perfecting the design and detail and manufacture. They have many styles and shapes available from totes to shopping bags and clutches. With an Elliott Lucca you get a handbag that's chic, fun and upfront in setting handbag trends that you'll enjoy having on your shoulder.

For more information about Elliott Lucca handbags the brand go to www.elliottlucca.com.

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