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Fossil came out at a time when design was all about functionality and they came in and blew the rest apart with their striking designs. These designs were to make the handbag into the accessory it should be. A design for people to see and stand alone to make the accessory stand out. Fossil continue to make their handbags striking and today they're bright, colorful, innovative, unique and extremely good value.

Most popular

Fossil Sasha Large Top Zip Handbag
Sasha Large Top Zip
This stylish bag is made of leather and comes in 8 available colors. It has a front exterior zip and flap pocket and measures 20" down from the shoulder strap. The bag itself is 14" wide by 12" high.
Fossil Hathaway Glove Shopper Handbag
Hathaway Glove Shopper
This is a casual shopping bag from Fossil that's very chic. It comes in a variety of colors and cloths including suede, canvas multi colored, pebbled leather and more. It's 14" wide by 10" high.
Fossil Capri Satchel Handbag
Capri Satchel
This is a seriously colorful Spring inspired bag from Fossil. A number if designs are available and it's made of leather, canvas and suede. It measures 16" wide by 11" high and 5" deep.

Fossil - the brand

Fossil logo

Fossil was formed in 1984 and have always tried to make fashion trends at the forefront of the products they release. They specialize in clothing and accessories for men and women and have an astonishing number of handbags available. They currently have over 500 styles of handbags on their books. So you could say handbags are a passion for Fossil so you can have the chance to share some of that passion with them with your very own Fossil handbag.

The Fossil handbags here are every much into their color however many of them do come in blacks and browns if you want something more traditional which is especially useful if you're keen on the design but not so much of the color or pattern. The design and shape of the bags are very telling and they use straight lines a lot which creates a geometric shape. This is becoming fashionable today which is why they've chosen to lead and influence the fashion with their many handbags they have available.

What's great about a Fossil handbag is that they're affordable. We've reviewed many handbag brands on this site and Fossil stands out as affordable yet still very stylish and chic and fashionable for the price. You're still paying $100+ for a handbag some of the time but compared to the couture we've featured that is a lot less than you can pay. So that's what you get with a Fossil handbag, you get an upfront fashionable edgy handbag that's quite functional and if you want to go with the latest trends then you can with the colorful Spring range we feature here.

For more information about Fossil handbags the brand go to www.fossil.com.

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