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Francesco Biasia Handbags

Francesco Biasia are an Italian accessory designer with stores and boutiques in Europe, America and Japan. They are very popular in these areas where women are looking for chic edgy designs of accessories that fit a modern lifestyle. The designs are upfront and trend setting and worn by the elite. A Francesco Biasia handbag is sure to draw many admiring glances and looks from those who appreciate good design.

Most popular

Francesco Biasia Corinie Small Fold Over Clutch Handbag
Corinie Small Fold Over Clutch
This captivating clutch has the mesmerizing handle design also comes with a shoulder strap. It has exterior zip pockets and measures 14 1/2" wide by 11" high and 3 3/4" deep.
Francesco Biasia Giselle Bucket Tote Handbag
Giselle Bucket Tote
This is a beautiful tote from Francesco Biasia. It is available in a variety of colors and is made of soft natural grain leather. It measures 17" wide by 12 1/2" high and 12 1/2" deep.
Francesco Biasia Giselle Medium Shopper Handbag
Giselle Medium Shopper
This medium shopper is perfect to take shopping with you and gives you a distinct style and look as you go. It comes in a variety of colors and measures 14" wide by 13" high and 6" deep.

Francesco Biasia - the brand

Francesco Biasia logo

Francesco Biasia is very popular in Europe, America and Japan where they have many boutiques and can be found in leading high end stores. They make all kinds of accessories but mainly focus on handbags. They release a new collection every season and are one of the leaders in setting new trends every time. Francesco Biasia handbags are sought after at the release of every collection by those in the know.

Francesco Biasia handbags are made using the finest fabrics, skins and leathers. They go through a rigorous manufacturing process where every care is taken to make sure the bag is the best it can be before it's allowed to be presented in a boutique. The brand has been built on this philosophy and this isn't something they let fall by the wayside now. That's what you get with a Francesco Biasia handbag, an accessory of unique quality and design that you'll repeatedly look at and appreciate.

This season's collection is very much focused on color. Although we've shown the black ones above, color is really getting a push this season and it's reflected in Francesco Biasia handbags. They're not overly colorful but very chic in single or 2 color designs. Do look for the colors that may go with dresses, tops or bottoms that you may have as there's bound to be a Francesco Biasia handbag that will suit. So if you're looking for upfront designs in a well made bag then a Francesco Biasia handbag is a great choice.

For more information about Francesco Biasia handbags the brand go to www.biasia.com.

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