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Franchi like to stay ahead of the latest design and fashion trends with their handbag creations. They release a new line every season and you can always be guaranteed of an amazing new line of exceptional chic and edgy handbags. They specialize in night and day bags and we've featured some of the lovely night bags below we think give a perfect snap shot of the beautiful design Franchi handbags have.

Most popular

Franchi Collette Stone Mesh Clutch Handbag
Collette Stone Mesh Clutch
This stone mesh clutch bag has a set of dazzling rhinestones down the center. It's made of pleated stain and is perfect for evening wear and measures 10 1/2" wide by 4 1/2" high and 1 1/4" deep.
Franchi Wendy Too Bow Clutch Handbag
Wendy Too Bow Clutch
This is a beautiful wine color clutch that has a very chic look to go with any matching outfit. It's made of satin with hardware detailing. It measures 11.5" wide by 4.25 high and 1" deep.
Franchi Sai Rhinestone Studded Box Clutch Handbag
Sai Rhinestone Studded Box Clutch
This is lovely with the rhinestone detailing delicately placed on the each side. It has a single shoulder chain and measures 6" wide by 4" high and 1 2/4" deep.

Franchi - the brand

Franchi logo

Franchi handbags was started by the founder Franco Franchi in 1995 who remains at the forefront of the design team. He comes from Italy and the designs are still done there. He stays at the edge of design and fashion trends and encourages his designers to do the same. Every season they manage to release handbags of truly exceptional designs that give a striking look and are sure to draw many admiring glances from those around you or anyone who appreciates upfront style.

Franchi handbags are made using the finest skins, leathers and fabrics and the manufacturing process creates an intricately designed bag. Franchi does favor night handbags with the most beautiful clutches for that evening out which requires only the best accessories to be used to really accentuate and enhance an outfit. One we've featured on the top left has dazzling rhinestone detail which will really stand out on your arm. It's a clutch made with wonderful detail and reflects the care and attention Franchi put into their handbags.

Franchi the brand has gone through changes over the years. As trends have advanced and certain handbags become more popular than others then the Franchi range has altered. Lately they have gone into clutch bags more than most. This is something Franchi is particularly good at and is in demand. Franchi have been making handbags for many years now and we think they'll still be doing it in the future if they keep releasing quality well designed handbags like they do today and every season.

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