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For those who didn't know Frye don't only make high end boots and shoes they also make very chic luxury handbags. This only makes sense since they have access to the softest leathers and best skins to manufacture the best handbags. They release a line of handbags every season and they are classic designs and keep up with the latest trends. With a Frye handbag you get a quality handbag that's affordable too.

Most popular

Frye Emily Shoulder Handbag
Emily Shoulder
This pretty Emily shoulder is made using the finest soft luxurious veg tanned lamb. It has a retro patchwork pattern for style. It measures 17" wide by 10 1/2" high and 5" deep.
Frye Clovertab Shoulder Handbag
Clovertab Shoulder
This is a sleek stunning bag made of polished full grain leather. It has 2 shoulder straps with a drop length of 8 3/4". It closes using a magnetic closure and measures 16" wide by 11.75" high.
Frye Cindy Zip Pocket Tote Handbag
Cindy Zip Pocket Tote
This tote is inspired by the equestrian lifestyle. It's made of polished antiqued leather with lots of hardware detailing. It measures 16" wide by 11 1/2" high and 5 1/2" deep.

Frye - the brand

Frye logo

Frye are a company that's been operating since the 1860's when it was one person making boots. This continued into the second world war where Frye's boots were in a lot of demand. They now make boots, sandals, shoes, handbags, wallets and other accessories. Anything in leather they make. As we've already said they have access to the purest most beautiful leather, lamb and other skins. It only makes sense that they make handbags too.

Frye make an impressive range of handbags from hobo's, clutches, totes and shoulder bags. They nearly all feature the famous Frye skins and are of the highest quality. They come in a range of colors which is the main thing this season. Handbags are now coming in colors to compliment an outfit by themselves. Frye has kept in touch with this trend with many of their handbags coming in Spring bright colors which we're seeing with many brands now. This is why you should take a Frye handbag seriously, they're fashionable items.

The Frye brand is going from strength to strength. The accessories they make are exceptional and released every season to catch the latest trends and their latest range are a good example of this. Their bags are not only extremely beautiful in their own right they're also very functional as their shopping totes and shoulder bags are big enough to carry all your lifestyle items and everything else you get while shopping. A Frye handbag is an attractive accessory that can be used all day or at night. Do look at their range fully because we're confident you'll be impressed.

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