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Furla have been a premier leather goods designer and manufacturer for many years now. They come from Italy and now have over 290 single brand shops and in over a thousand other locations around the world. Furla handbags represent exceptional design and trends in accessory creation. The Italian craftsmanship shines through with every Furla handbag and the style and detail will be admired by those who can see the quality in your hand.

Most popular

Furla Binn Shopper Grande Handbag
Binn Shopper Grande
This beautiful shopping bag has been made with woven leather. It's just the right size to carry all your shopping and lifestyle essentials. It measures 17" wide by 12" high and 5 1/2" deep.
Furla Dora Sacca Piccola Handbag
Dora Sacca Piccola
This convenient classy shoulder bag is made of genuine leather. It is perfect for over the shoulder or hanging down at the side. It has 8" shoulder drop from the shoulder strap. It's 12.5" by 7.5" high.
Furla Loira Secchiello Large Handbag
Loira Secchiello Large
This is an exotic and pretty handbag from Furla. It has a magnetic snap closure along with the drawstring and a special interior lining. It measures 18" wide by 15" high and 8" deep.

Furla - the brand

Furla logo

It was in 1927 the Furla company started what was to become one of the world's premier leather goods brands. The head of the family was Aldo Furlanetto and he was inspired to make leather goods the best they could be, to make leather goods that would be regarded the world over. In this he succeeded after many years. The handbags from Furla are exceptionally designed works of art using the finest leathers you'll see and feel.

Today Furla handbags can be found in over 64 countries around the world and they have approximately 296 shops of their own selling only Furla handbags and nothing else. They are also in over a thousand of the best boutiques and stores around the world. Furla handbags are made to very specific designs and the most intricate manufacturing processes to make each bag the best it can be. The aim is to make it a mirror of the original design that was first approved by the Furla family. This heritage is what has made the brand so successful.

The Furla brand has many good years in it. They keep releasing the most innovative and beautiful handbags each and every season. Their handbags are classically made and have the unique Furla touch with the subtle Furla hardware to identify that it is a Furla piece. The chief officer is now someone outside of the family and it looks as though the Furla tradition and spirit remains strong with the family maintaining strong ties with the brand they set up all those years ago. It's exciting times for Furla handbags.

For more information about Furla handbags the brand go to www.furla.com.

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