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Hobo International are a premier designer of handbags with a massive collection released every season. They release a range of totes, clutches and shopping bags for the handbag connoisseur, they are in demand for their beautiful designs worldwide. With a Hobo International handbag you get an intricately designed handbag by one of the best handbag designers today.

Most popular

Hobo International Eden Handbag
This black patent leather Eden clutch handbag is available in a wide range of colors to go with any outfit. It has a removable coin purse. It measures 10 3/4" wide by 4 3/4" high and 1 1/2" deep.
Hobo International Jude Handbag
This functional stylish Jude shoulder bag is available in 4 other colors. The zip pocket at the front is exterior and it has feet at the bottom to protect the bag. It measures 14" wide by 12" high.
Hobo International Gerty Handbag
The Gerty is a very popular bag to carry all your lifestyle essentials and can still fit shopping inside. It comes in a range of colors too and measures 14 1/2" wide by 7 1/2" high and 7" deep.

Hobo International - the brand

Hobo International logo

Hobo International was founded in 1991 by Toni Ray. She was already an experienced person in the leather industry before she founded Hobo International. She was a leading buyer for a luxury leather accessory boutique designer. In 1989 she worked as a freelance designer and retail consultant. For a client she delivered a collection of sketches and designs for handbags. The designs weren't chosen but something resonated with Toni. She decided to release the collection by herself with all her leather experience and Hobo International was born.

What you notice first when you see the Hobo International collection of bags is just how colorful they are. Colors are in this Spring and Hobo International have really gone to town here. Black is still probably the most bought and what we've featured but if you want any bright Spring colors then you'll find them here in clutches, totes, shoulder bags the lot. They also have many pockets and zippers, a Hobo International handbag is a convenient accessory to have. You'll enjoy using these handbags as well as the look of them.

Hobo International as a brand have been around for nearly 20 years and they update their handbag collection each season. Looking at this season they stay with the latest trends so we think as a brand they'll be around for years to come. Hobo International like their tag line says are made for women by women and they have the pedigree to match. They can be found all around the world in the finest boutiques and stores. With a Hobo International handbag you'll getting a stylish piece you'll enjoy showing as well as using.

For more information about Hobo International handbags the brand go to www.hobobags.com.

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