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Kavu is made for outdoor living, for people with busy lifestyles they make the perfect bags. They like their customers to live every day to it's fullest so they make their handbags with the same philosophy. The style is very bright bags that are sure to draw many compliments from those around you. A Kavu handbag is good looking and will last for whatever you need it to do and longer.

Most popular

Kavu Fremont Tote Handbag
Fremont Tote
This Fremont tote is a bright bag that's perfect for every day use. It's the right size for all your lifestyle essentials and more. It measures 15 1/2" wide by 13 1/2" high and 6 1/2" deep.
Kavu Decatur Handbag
This stylish bag is ready to travel thousands of miles with you. The shoulder straps are secure and very comfortable. The pattern is olive dot and measures 13" wide by 11" high and 3" deep.
Kavu The Porter Handbag
The Porter
This porter bag is available in 3 different colors. We've featured the coral lines version which is the most colorful. It's a cotton canvas exterior with a zip closure and measures 15" wide by 8" high.

Kavu - the brand

Kavu logo

Kavu was launched in 1993 and stands for Klear Above Visibility Unlimited and they had just one product to begin with. This was their strap canvas cap which became incredibly popular and they still sell it today. Kavu today release all kinds of accessories including hats, handbags, sunglasses and clothing. Kavu handbags are well designed and are made to deal with everyday outdoor activities. For this reason you'll find they are very simply made using durable fabrics and an equally durable manufacturing process.

Another aspect of Kavu handbags is their comfort. You won't find any unnecessary hardware detailing or difficult straps. They are simply made and fun and easy to use. Kavu are based in Seattle and are a small but vibrant company whose employees use their own products. They take care in the design and finish of their bags and accessories. Each product must be approved by the head design team before it can be made into a Kavu product. Every care is taken during the making of each product too.

One thing you'll enjoy about Kavu handbags is the price. Compared to other handbags we've featured which are couture bags priced at hundreds of dollars. You'll find Kavu handbags are all less than a hundred dollars each. This is very good value when you consider they're built to last. Their built for outdoor use and heavy use as well as looking stylish. The trend at the moment is bright colors and you can see Kavu have reflected this trend with their latest line. You can't go wrong with a Kavu bag for the look, style and price.

For more information about Kavu handbags the brand go to www.kavu.com.

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