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Kooba Handbags

Kooba is a luxury brand creating luxury handbags for discerning customers. Women who know handbags and who appreciate well made accessories appreciate Kooba handbags. The style is vintage and every detail and care is taken during design and manufacturer. A Kooba handbag is a stylish creation that's sure to draw many compliments from those around you.

Most popular

Kooba Lacy Handbag
This beautiful Lacy handbag is made of leather and features front and rear exterior zip pockets. The handles drop to 6". The bag measures 14" wide by 9 1/2" high and 5" deep.
Kooba Rory Handbag
This stylish berry color bag is made of glossed leather and features a platform bottom. There is an inside magnetic snap closure and measures 14" wide by 9" high and 4 1/2" deep.
Kooba Tess Handbag
This beautiful Tess bag is made of soft textured leather in a chocolate color. The dual handles are adjustable and drop to 7". With a top zip closure the bag measures 17" wide by 10" high.

Kooba - the brand

Kooba logo

Kooba only make handbags and are a couture brand. They were formed in 1998 with one vision in mind. They felt that the luxury market had all the same handbags and nothing unique and original. They decided there needs to be something different to enter the market. Kooba was launched as this luxury brand to create a vinatge selection of handbags. They are stylish and stunning to see especially up close. The attention to detail is what sets them apart and they are stunningly made with the finest materials.

Kooba really is vintage and almost has a 2010 yet 1980's feel about the bags. The trend today is bright colors but Kooba have gone for quality and style that is retro and vintage. You see different finishes used like soft leathers in the Tess handbags featured above or there are glossy finishes as in the Rory above. Many of their bags have a glossy leather finish they do have to be seen they are quite stylish and beautiful bags. They have subtle detail and hardware which you will recognize as a Kooba handbag.

The majority of Kooba bags are single color bags unlike the multicolored trends at the moment. They do come in a variety of colors but these are blues, blacks and browns and similar. Kooba the brand is going from strength to strength their bags are becoming ever more popular especially with the coming trends for vintage looks are coming back in the very near future. Kooba owners enjoy looking at their Kooba handbags as they're stunning to look at as we think you'll agree.

For more information about Kooba handbags the brand go to www.kooba.com.

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