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Lilly Pulitzer has gone for the beach and Summer season when it comes to their handbags. The fabrics and colors are all very sunshine based. Lilly Pulitzer have been making clothing and accessories for many years and they are always at the forefront of fashion. They have remained that way with their bags and handbags as you can see by the selection below. A Lilly Pulitzer handbag is sure to get you many compliments.

Most popular

Lilly Pulitzer Sea And Be Seen Large Tote Handbag
Sea And Be Seen Large Tote
This large tote is perfect by the beach and everything you need to take with you. It's made of coated canvas with synthetic metallic leather trim. It measures 20 1/2" wide by 11 1/2" high.
Lilly Pulitzer Small Original Tote Handbag
Small Original Tote
This small tote is ideal for the small essentials to carry with you anywhere you need to go. It has a beach and summer theme with the print detailing. It measures 12" wide by 8" high and 5" deep.
Lilly Pulitzer Cabana Striped Tote Handbag
Cabana Striped Tote
This large tote is big enough for your beach towel, favorite magazine and all your lifestyle essentials. It's made of durable canvas and measures 16 1/2" wide by 12" high and 6" deep.

Lilly Pulitzer - the brand

Lilly Pulitzer logo

Lilly Pulitzer was started in the 1950's when the lady herself made a dress because she got stains over another dress. People commented on this dress and wanted to purchase those like it. A company was born and soon Lilly Pulitzer was featured in magazines and the company took off. Lilly Pulitzer today make clothing, accessories including handbags, shoes and more. Lilly Pulitzer has always been a young brand and they have a kids clothing range and their whole range has a young feel to it which includes the handbags which are all fun and sexy.

Lilly Pulitzer handbags are very good value with nearly everything priced around $100. Her range are mainly totes and make up bags all currently with the latest seasons trends which is bright colors anyway. Plus with summer coming Lilly Pulitzer has really gone to town with the beach and Summer feel. Lilly Pulitzer takes great care in the design and detail of the bags. These must make it fit the perfect Lilly Pulitzer style and then it must be made with quality in mind. This follows in the philosophy for every product Lilly Pulitzer make.

Lilly Pulitzer the brand release new handbags and other clothing and accessories every season so they stay at the forefront of trends and fashions. They remain as popular as ever with every collection they release. We like their handbags although they can only really be used at the beach or in the Summer. They are fun and playful and very functional. They are well made and their large totes really will carry everything you need and they're made of canvas so they will last. We think Lilly Pulitzer are a great brand to look out for.

For more information about Lilly Pulitzer handbags the brand go to www.lillypulitzer.com.

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