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Liz Claiborne Handbags

Liz Claiborne was formed by a former fashion retail customer who didn't want to pay too much for the leading fashion and accessories. Liz Claiborne was born and they release a new collection every season of the best handbags and accessories. A lot of care is taken with designing and manufacture of Liz Claiborne handbags and we know you'll get many compliments when you have one on your shoulder.

Most popular

Liz Claiborne Large Nylon With Patent Trim Bucket Handbag
Large Nylon With Patent Trim Bucket
This is a leopard print of a traditional bucket bag with a grown up twist. It's made of nylon with a platform bottom and measures 15" wide by 12" high.
Liz Claiborne Pop Tote Magazine Tote Handbag
Pop Tote Magazine Tote
This functional tote is made of durable fabric and patent trim on the side and top. It has a platform bottom with an open top and measures 14" wide across the center by 13" high and 6" deep.
Liz Claiborne Summer Splash Clutch Handbag
Summer Splash Clutch
This beautiful summer splash clutch is perfect for the summer and is made of weaved canvas with a synthetic trim. It's perfect for all your lifestyle essentials and measures 15" wide by 10" high.

Liz Claiborne - the brand

Liz Claiborne logo

Liz Claiborne was formed in 1976 and is now part of several companies that form one of the largest clothing manufacturers in the world today. It's under an umbrella of many brands some which are incredibly well known all over the world. Liz Claiborne make clothing, accessories, shoes and wallets. Liz Claiborne handbags today are colorful like the latest trends are, they have a massive variety with each design coming in a range of colors. These cater for those who want to make statement or have a particular outfit that a certain handbag will go with.

Liz Claiborne handbags are made using the finest skins and leathers using the best manufacturing processes to ensure you get quality with every handbag. The design itself goes through rigorous designs before it's released in the Liz Claiborne collection. This way you can be sure that a Liz Claiborne handbag purchase is one of the better you make. It will be a handbag you will enjoy looking at. It's one that's functional and goes with that specific outfit perfectly to give you that special edge where ever you go.

The Liz Claiborne brand has gone from strength to strength, as always it's always governed by sales and Liz Claiborne handbags do perfectly ok. The brand is backed by a worldwide company and they release fantastic collections every season that are very sought after. Liz Claiborne is becoming known more and more in the industry and outside of it. Her handbags are well made and we like them a lot. You have a fantastic range and they're available at a great price. We think they'll go far.

For more information about Liz Claiborne handbags the brand go to www.lizclaiborneinc.com.

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