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Lux de Ville have a mission to produce fabulous handbags for fabulous women. They keep up with the latest trends and designs but in a retro way it's a good combination. They're young, playful and sexy and any Lux de Ville handbag is sure to get many admiring compliments from those around you. We feature just a small selection of some of the accessories and handbags Lux de Ville offer.

Most popular

Lux de Ville Sin City Motor Kiss Lock Handbag
Sin City Motor Kiss Lock
This is a rich glossy red handbag by Lux de Ville. It's made of synthetic quilted leather and is the perfect size to carry all your lifestyle essentials and more. It measures 14.5" wide by 8.5" high.
Lux de Ville Hi Jinx Tote Stars handbag
Hi Jinx Tote Stars
This is a star shaped design on a barrel bag. It comes with a detachable chain strap with a drop of 11" and is made of leather.  It measures 13 1/2" wide by 5 1/2" high and 6" deep.
Lux de Ville Slingin Ink Clutches Anchors Away Handbag
Slingin Ink Clutches Anchors Away
This is a fun clutch style handbag from Lux de Ville. It's made of synthetic leather with a glossy feel. It measures 16" wide by 6 1/2" high and 4" deep.

Lux de Ville - the brand

Lux de Ville logo

Lux de Ville was started in 2003 with the mission to make fabulous accessories and they've achieved this mission with ease. What's great is they've managed to this with handbags costing less than a hundred dollars. You won't paying too much for a Lux de Ville handbag yet you're getting something that's been designed for the coming season. This season their bags have a very punk feel which with Ke$ha coming into the Billboard 100 makes them even more relevant to today.

Lux de Ville take care of their handbags and only allow them to start being manufactured when the design is authorized. Once it is each bag is manufactured to painstaking detail to ensure every bag that's made is as the design of the first bag intended it to be. This means you get the very best quality product and all for a very good price. Lux de Ville is for youg people and it's designs and appeal reflect that, they are becoming increasing popular and every season they release a new collection.

Although they only started in 2003 Lux de Ville are going from strength to strength. They have already utilized the internet to make their brand stronger by having a facebook page. Yes you can become a fan of Lux de Ville and they have competitions running to entice us all in. The brand will just get better with this kind of strategy going on. They are very proactive in promoting their handbags and this is only a good thing. So if they appeal to your punk sensibility go for a lux de Ville handbag you won't be disappointed with some brilliant designs.

For more information about Lux de Ville handbags the brand go to www.luxdeville.com.

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