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Perlina specializes in handbags only they make no other accessories they put all their expertise into handbags only. As a result you get some of the most stunning handbags from them. They use the finest leathers and skins in their handbags and the manufacturing processes are intricate to ensure you get the best quality. A Perlina handbag is sure to get you many compliments from those around you.

Most popular

Perlina Casual Chic Double Handle Satchel Handbag
Casual Chic Double Handle Satchel
This is a beautiful leather satchel from Perlina. It's made of grained leather and has dual handles with a drop of 6 1/2". It measures 14" wide by 11" high and 5" deep.
Perlina Plonge Leather Tote with Patent Trim handbag
Plonge Leather Tote with Patent Trim
This stunning tote will add sophistication to any look. It's big enough to carry all your lifestyle essentials and measures 16 1/2" wide by 11 1/2" high.
Perlina Soft Snake Embossed Leather Hobo handbag
Soft Snake Embossed Leather Hobo
This snake embossed leather hobo is sure to get you many compliments when people see it on your shoulder. It measures 16" wide by 10" high.

Perlina - the brand

Perlina logo

Perlina are a specialist handbag brand who make stunning leather handbags. They were formed in 2007 and ever since have released handbags every season to reflect the latest leather trends and fashions. These are very sought after and show a real dedication to making quality handbags from design to manufacturer to store. The latest trends are bright colors and although Perlina hasn't gone as bright as some they still have some bright colors available.

Perlina have a thorough design process where each design has to go through the design team and be authorized by the chief designer. They plan the look of the bag and how it will be made using the latest trends and the best leathers. Then when it comes to manufacturer the detail is most important. They ensure every bag comes out exactly as it has been designed and it has to be approved here for the bag to go to a store to be made available. Perlina handbags are found only in the finest boutiques.

Perlina as a brand haven't been around for long but they've ensured their name is getting increasingly recognized as a name for quality handbags. As long as Perlina keep releasing well designed handbags every season there's no reason why they shouldn't be around for years to come. Perlina make very appealing handbags that really do look good, if you buy one you'll keep looking at it as they've very well designed. So make a Perlina handbag a choice of yours and you won't regret it.

For more information about Perlina handbags the brand go to www.perlina.com.

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