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Sherpani Handbags

Sherpani make lifestyle bags exclusively for women. Every season they release a new line of creative handbags and every season they get it just right. They blend the cutting edge fashion of the moment combined with the Sherpani flavor. Their bags are functional and they look good. A Sherpani handbag is sure to get you many compliments from those who see the style.

Most popular

Sherpani Ivy Handbag
Ivy Handbag
This fun Ivy handbag is made of natural cotton with a suede trim and is available in several different colors. It has an interior compartment for a cell phone or similar sized cosmetics case.
Sherpani Milli Medium Shoulder Bag
Milli Medium Shoulder Bag
This shoulder bag is also available in several different colors and features the Sherpani logo on the front. It includes a detachable change purse. The bag measures 11.5" wide by 9" high.
Sherpani Blossom Tote Bag
Blossom Tote Bag
This cute roomy blossom tote bag is the perfect size for all your lifestyle essentials. The dual handle straps drop to 9". The bag measures 14" wide by 13 1/2" high and 4 1/2" deep.

Sherpani - the brand

Sherpani logo

Sherpani are a young company base in Boulder Colorado and they have an international following. They like to make bags that perfectly fit a feminine style and sensibility. They always use soft fabrics and beautiful silhouettes to make luscious bags that ooze fun and style. This season is very much centered on bright colors and Sherpani have matched this latest trend in their new collection. Bright colors are on display as well as more subtle tones for those with a softer palette.

Every effort goes into the design of the bags before the new collection is released for the season. The chief designer approves every design as you can see by the ones we've featured they can be quite different . Once they go into production again every effort is made to produce the best bags every time. The manufacturing process gives every attention to detail to bring you the best handbag Sherpani can make. When you get one you can see this for yourself as you admire the cut and the way it's put together.

Sherpani the brand is going from strength to strength. As long as they keep releasing bags as good as they are every season then we're going to see more and more of them. Their bags are perfectly made for the market they're going for. With their feminine touches and style they are very appealing bags. They represent a lifestyle that's fun and care free and that's what everyone wants. So if you're tempted by a Sherpani handbag go for it you won't regret buying a piece of style that will suit any woman.

For more information about Sherpani handbags the brand go to www.sherpani.com.

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