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Tignanello pronounced teen-ya-nel-o have been making handbags for over 20 years and were formed to offer people exceptional value for quality leather handbags. They still hold true to this aim today and have more than achieved this target. They make beautiful leather products that stand the test of time and offer great value. They're well made with precision from the softest fabrics to the hardware detailing.

Most popular

Tignanello Perfect 10 French Tote handbag
Perfect 10 French Tote
This bright French tote is made of genuine pebbled leather. As this season bright colors are here this tote is available in a variety of colors. It measures 9" wide by 8" high and 6 1/2" deep.
Tignanello Modern Mix Dome Tote handbag
Modern Mix Dome Tote
This vintage inspired dome tote is made of genuine leather. It's the perfect size for all your lifestyle essential items and more. It measures 14" wide by 8" high and 7" deep.
Tignanello Soft Casual Hobo Handbag
Soft Casual Hobo
This cute soft hobo is available in a wide variety of colors and features contrast stitching. It's made of genuine textured leather and measures 14 1/2" wide by 10 1/4" high and 6" deep.

Tignanello - the brand

Tignanello logo

Although Tignanello was formed in 1989 they have evolved with the times. They release a collection every season that fits with the current trends. This season has seen many bright colors come into handbags and Tignanello have used these colors a lot in their collection and released some beautiful handbags. What is great is their attention to detail, every handbag has lots of style and whether it's in the genuine leather that's used or in the hardware detailing.

You can see that the design process is something they've clearly thought about as the attention to detail we spoke about earlier shows. This for bags that are priced around the hundred dollar mark is quite impressive. Current trends are thought about and detail has gone into the manufacture because the bags are very well made. They have tried to make each bag the best that they can make with subtle lines and cuts to ensure every bag is faithful to the original design. This ensures you get the best bag every time.

Tignanello as a brand are going to be around for years to come. Their following is worldwide and if they keep releasing quality products every season that following will just continue. Their handbags are very sought after which you can understand when you get a high fashion product for such a good price. Their handbags are functional too with compartments and exterior pockets for cell phones and cosmetics. With a Tignanello handbag everything has been though of all you need to do is enjoy the great value and the compliments you'll get when you've got one on your arm.

For more information about Tignanello handbags the brand go to www.tignanello.com.

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